Born in Barcelona, Leo Sanchez-Barbosa started CG modeling at an early age as a hobby. His interest and talent eventually led him to London, where he worked in television and commercials at Uli Meyer Studios. He transition to feature films joining the team on “Valiant” and “Happily N’ever After” as a Senior Modeler. Accepting an offer at Disney Feature Animation, Leo contributed to the early development through final modeling of such memorable characters as Flynn, Maximus, and Rapunzel for “Tangled”, Lanny and Wayne from “Prep and Landing”, and “Bolt” to name a few.  Shifting to a CG Character Designer role at Dreamworks Animation’s visual development department, He was able to create early concept designs for characters for several film projects in development. Looking to further pursue his career in character concept design, Leo made the leap to build his own company that provides full-service CG character designs for clients.